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dealWIP and AltaClaro Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand Workflow-Based Access to Interactive Practical Guidance Content for Lawyers

May 13, 2019 – Dealtech company dealWIP Inc. and Edtech company AltaClaro announced today the beginning of a broad-based product and marketing partnership between the two New York-based companies. The companies have agreed to collaborate on a series of product integrations aimed at delivering AltaClaro’s premium legal learning tools and guidance content directly to dealWIP users at their point of need within the workflow application.

On May 27, 2019 the companies will unveil their initial joint offering, dealWIP Academy. dealWIP Academy – powered by AltaClaro – is a library of original due diligence-related training and guidance content produced by AltaClaro. Upon release on June 3, dealWIP Academy will be accessible to dealWIP users through the dealWIP application and from the dealWIP landing page ( The dealWIP Academy content library will include an expanding inventory of immersive practical guidance content targeted at transactional attorneys and others seeking to learn and quickly apply basic legal due diligence skills.

In connection with the partnership, AltaClaro’s nearly 40,000 users internationally will gain free access to dealWIP’s due diligence project management software. dealWIP users will gain free and discounted access to AltaClaro’s robust library of video modules, realistic practice simulations, virtual in-person learning sessions, and premium master classes.

“We are delighted to be working closely with the visionary team at AltaClaro,” said dealWIP CEO, Tunji Williams. “We share a mutual commitment to delivering career-changing user experiences through software. We’re teaming up to provide critical, relevant and digestible knowledge content to busy professionals right at their point of need, on any given due diligence project. We couldn’t be more excited to put dealWIP in the hands of AltaClaro’s more than 40,000 users.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with the innovative dealWIP team on this exciting initiative,” said AltaClaro CEO, Abdi Shayesteh. “Both organizations are at the forefront of the future of legal work, offering cutting-edge solutions to help professionals work efficiently and effectively while adapting to changes in the market. By integrating dealWIP’s project management tools with AltaClaro’s learning tools, we can provide users with access to vital knowledge delivered when and where it is needed. We look forward to continuing to work with dealWIP to deliver even more value to both of our communities.”  


About dealWIP

dealWIP (“deal Workflow Integration Platform”) is a dealtech company located in Brooklyn, NY and Nashville, TN. The company provides cloud-based project management tools for deal professionals, including corporate lawyers, investment bankers, corporate development staffers and private equity investors. dealWIP’s first product helps deal teams conduct due diligence faster, more accurately, and more securely. To find out more, please visit


About AltaClaro

AltaClaro, the leader in innovating learning solutions for law and business, is located in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. The company’s unique educational platform leverages machine learning, personalization, and contextual delivery of learning modules (short videos, interactive assessments, mock transactions, and online feedback sessions with experts) to help professionals gain vital practical skills on-demand. For more information, please visit