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February 06, 2024

AltaClaro Launches Fundamentals of Technology Transactions Training Series at Allen & Overy

Located in the financial, regulatory, technology, and life sciences hubs of the United States, Allen & Overy provides a broad range of sophisticated legal services and innovative technological solutions to its clients. 

When it comes to its people, the firm offers its junior associates an opportunity to launch their careers in an exciting and fast-paced environment that exposes them to unlimited development opportunities. Part of its efforts includes a partnership with AltaClaro in the U.S., which began with a focus on M&A associates and has recently expanded to the firm’s Technology Transactions group associates. 

Partners Daren Orzechowski and Alex Touma worked with AltaClaro to provide associates with  sophisticated training solutions that complement their development into their roles.

When commenting on the training program, Daren and Alex said: “Investing in the professional development of our people is a core priority for A&O. It’s vital for associates to feel equipped with the training solutions they need to excel and develop further into their roles”.  


AltaClaro’s Fundamentals of Technology Transactions Series

AltaClaro developed a Fundamentals of Technology Transactions Series consisting of five Master Classes, with each Master Class targeting a key aspect of technology transactions.

At the beginning of the partnership, AltaClaro only had one master class in the Technology Transactions practice area (Overview of Technology Transactions). As the partnership developed with A&O and in collaboration with the firm’s partners, AltaClaro developed four additional courses that provided a deeper dive into each of the key competencies of global intellectual property and technology transactions work. 

Each course was rolled out to the firm on an ongoing basis, leading to a successful completion of the following five-course series:

  • Master Class 1: Overview of Technology Transactions – This class provides participants with foundational knowledge about technology transactions, covering key terminology and concepts such as IP ownership, deal economics, license grants and restrictions, data security, maintenance obligations, warranties, and infringement liability.
  • Master Class 2: Drafting & Negotiating SaaS Agreements – Focused on the intricacies of Software as a Service agreements, this class emphasizes drafting and negotiating skills from both subscriber and provider perspectives.
  • Master Class 3: Drafting & Negotiating Software Development Agreements This class delves into the nuances of agreements between purchasers and developers, equipping participants with the skills to draft and negotiate these crucial documents.
  • Master Class 4: Privacy & Data Considerations in Technology Transactions – Addressing the increasing importance of data security, this class guides participants through privacy and data security provisions in technology agreements.
  • Master Class 5: Drafting & Negotiating IP Licensing Agreements – Focused on intellectual property rights (including trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, and patents), this class teaches participants how to draft and understand IP licensing agreements, incorporating legal and business considerations.

Each master class included one hour of instructional videos, quizzes for self-assessment, two hours of self-paced simulation exercises, and a one-hour live review session with an expert. In keeping with AltaClaro’s experiential learning approach, the simulation exercise for each class is based on a hypothetical client, engaging trainees in technology transactions work. Participants are able to apply the knowledge and skills from each class into the context of the diverse technology and IP related transactions, allowing them to develop their skills and gain a “big-picture” perspective into technology transactions work. Such courses introduce participants to the theoretical aspect, before diving into practical and real-world scenarios through mock deals and transactions.


Feedback & Outcome 

By implementing AltaClaro’s comprehensive training program, A&O was able to provide its junior associates with comprehensive and sophisticated training, coupled with an external perspective provided by AltaClaro. Swift adaptability and technical expertise are crucial in a market populated with emerging growth companies such as Silicon Valley, Allen & Overy’s tech hub in the U.S.

At the conclusion of the program, surveyed associates agreed the program would be very helpful for attorneys in the early stages of their careers, finding the program to be “very/extremely helpful”. Participants also appreciated the real-life deal exposure and the practical application of their knowledge in a low-stakes environment. 

Moreover, associates were appreciative of how AltaClaro’s instructors showed up prepared to provide feedback on the submitted assignments, answer any pre-submitted questions from the on-demand portion, as well as engage in an interactive discussion to tackle the whys and hows of the tasks at hand.

Others commented on how they enjoyed the interactive on-demand short videos featuring experienced attorneys, as it gave them exposure to the principles, concepts, and nuances of  particular subjects through the lens of real-world client problems, coupled with assessments throughout. One associate shared how the real-world simulation exercises and learning materials continued to provide value to them in their day-to-day work.

Based on the successful implementation of the training and positive feedback from the associates, A&O plans to continue offering the program to its associates and is exploring other opportunities for innovative collaboration with AltaClaro.


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