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AltaClaro and LexLatin Partner to Deliver Digital Training Solutions for Latin American Lawyers

New York, NY, October 19, 2020 – Experiential legal learning platform, AltaClaro, and Lex Latin, the leading digital legal publisher in Latin America, today announced plans to roll out AltaClaro’s Virtual Training Bootcamps and Master Classes to Lex Latin subscribers in the region.

“We are pleased to announce that our offer for the Latin American legal market has expanded with the launch of this M&A program, which is an important training opportunity that advances the professional development of lawyers in the region in a specialty area of great interest,” announced Fernando Peláez-Pier, Director and Editor of LexLatin. Angela Castillo Díaz, Director of LexLatin, added that “LexLatin is recognized for its high-quality content, its products and its commitment to promoting innovative tools and technologies, garnering more than 11,000 subscribers and more than 1.5 million page views per year."

The decision follows AltaClaro’s growing traction in the region and other international markets. Since its inception in 2017, AltaClaro has been serving lawyers, law firms, and law students at some of the world’s leading legal providers and institutions. Under the first phase of the partnership, Lex Latin subscribers will have access to AltaClaro’s signature online program in Mergers & Acquisitions, which past participants from the region have found to be “indispensable” for practitioners. 

AltaClaro’s unique experiential learning model helps attorneys become “practice-ready” at an accelerated rate by leveraging the latest in technology and education science. Attorneys gain essential practical legal skills through mock deal transactions and live feedback sessions with highly vetted and experienced practitioners—all delivered completely online, together with video modules, interactive quizzes, and other assessment tools uniquely adapted for online learning. This unique framework improves competency and retention by 80% over typical online courses. 

For LexLatin, this strategic alliance is a step towards the realization of one of the original visions of the medium: “From its inception, LexLatin was conceptualized as a platform to give lawyers the technological tools to integrate their practice to the trends that are shaping the legal industry. The next step for us was to offer digital training programs, but to do so in a critical moment as this, when they are increasingly necessary, has been a thoroughly inspiring and satisfactory process,” says Raul Stolk, Senior Manager of Lex Latin. 

Lex Latin is the first legal publisher to offer this type of interactive online legal training, affording its subscribers the opportunity to reduce training costs and maximize efficiency during this period of needed digital transformation in the industry: with AltaClaro’s tech-driven and interactive solution, the firms are able to expand training opportunities while leveraging AltaClaro’s leading subject matter experts, allowing partners to focus on client work and helping firms avoid unnecessary travel expenses. Through this partnership agreement, Lex Latin subscribers will receive preferential rates for AltaClaro’s Virtual Bootcamps and Master Classes.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a cutting-edge publisher like Lex Latin,” says Abdi Shayesteh, CEO, AltaClaro. “As demand for our programs has increased in Latin American markets, we have been looking to partner with an innovator to strengthen our presence in the region. Our experiential platform was built for integrating nicely with Lex Latin’s digital delivery model – giving their subscribers the ability to access the best of breed training programs that help them become practice-ready in an accelerated, cost-effective model.”




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