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AltaClaro Sep 20, 2023 6:20:10 PM 4 min read

Law Firms: Legal Education for Generation AI

In September 2023 Abdi Shayesteh, Founder & CEO of AltaClaro, sat with with the Centre of Legal Education to discuss AltaClaro's work in training the next generation of attorneys, as well as its new course on teaching lawyers how to leverage Generative AI tools to make the practice of law more efficient in a safe and ethical way.

From the Centre of Legal Education:

"No matter what industry you put under the microscope or where you turn right now, there are gaps in digital literacy. Tech and AI are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Legal has and will come under increased scrutiny to keep up to remain relevant. And what that means is upskilling or reskilling on a scale we have never seen before. The legal world is not ready for this, not by a long shot.  

We won’t close the digital literacy gap doing legal education the same way, in the same places – we need to do legal education differently and for a new generation - generation AI! 

In this session in the Future 50 Series of the CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight, we chatted with Abdi Shayesteh, the CEO & Founder of AltaClaro. Abdi’s background as a teenage entrepreneur, lawyer, and innovator led him to think differently about legal education and then, with his team of education, tech, and subject area specialists, reinvent it!  

AltaClaro is leading the way in a new type of experiential legal education – a collaboration with industry partners laser focussed on agile program development, leveraging tech and upskilling/reskilling in person, in small groups, at scale. In the example we spoke about, what started as a conversation over coffee has turned into a suite of programs aimed at bridging the gap in digital literacy for lawyers and allied legal professionals." 

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