AltaClaro Jan 23, 2018 2:38:00 PM 3 min read

Breaking the Business Development Mold

LeftFoot, a popular podcast for lawyers hosted by business development expert Nicole Giantonio, recently hosted AltaClaro CEO Abdi Shayesteh for an in-depth discussion of legal business development done better, including tactics that leverage existing technology to take the pain out of growing your brand. Listen to the episode, titled "Breaking the Mold," on iTunes or stream it directly from LeftFoot.

Among other topics, Shayesteh addressed the selection and execution of tactics that align with each individual lawyer's personality.

"You have to be authentic," he said. "I'm an introvert. My interactions are more powerful when it's a 1-on-1 or small group environment, rather than going into these large cocktail hours... [where I have to ask myself] was it the best use of my time? Find things to do that are authentic to you."

Giantonio also inquired about how AltaClaro is leveraging personalized learning technology to generate business development solutions that resonate with in-house counsel. 

"As a buyer of legal services, those were the 3 things I looked at when I hired an outside lawyer," Shyesteh explained. "Expertise, check. Likeability, check. Chemistry? Chemistry was the most important. Am I going to be able to get along with this person? Am I going to to be able to communicate? And yeah, chemistry you can assess at social gatherings, but the real chemistry you're looking for is the collaboration.

"Luckily, if lawyers are savvy enough, there are technology solutions that can not only help you tackle these issues, but if they're used properly, they can set you apart from others."

Hear more about these solutions and how you can raise your biz dev game.