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AltaClaro Jun 18, 2021 11:38:00 AM 2 min read

LawNext: AltaClaro’s Abdi Shayesteh on Developing ‘Rocket Fuel for Legal Skills Training’

LawNext's Bob Ambrogi interviews AltaClaro’s founder and CEO Abdi Shayesteh, who says he first developed his entrepreneurial bent as an 11-year-old Iranian immigrant helping his father manage a small café in San Diego, and then as a 17-year-old founding a clothing company to support himself through college.

When, later in life, he became a lawyer and saw how poorly prepared new associates were to practice law, he began to research education science and came up with the concept for AltaClaro, a company that combines education science with technology to deliver practical skills training for lawyers. Today, its customers include law firms who use it to train associates and individual lawyers seeking to enhance their skills.

AltaClaro, a legal technology company, describes itself as “rocket fuel for legal skills training." It uses a unique experiential framework based on education science, with mock transactions and live feedback, all done online.

Listen to the podcast episode here.