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Non-Competes — Drafting for Enforceability in the Internet Age (Part 2: Tailoring Restrictions' Scope)

There are few cases directly addressing social media in the context of restrictive covenant litigation, but the limited case authority shows that analyses of non-competes and similar provisions have evolved and are increasingly informed by social media conduct. In Part 2 of this three-part Expert Insights series, Lawrence Brocchini (Partner, Reavis Page Jump LLP) discusses the importance of tailoring the scope of restrictive covenants to enhance their enforceability in light of social media and other communication technologies that have essentially redefined what is considered reasonable in terms of restrictions on the activities of current and former employees.


Non-Competes — Drafting for Enforceability in the Internet Age (Index):
Part 1:  Overview
Part 2:  Tailoring Restrictions' Scope
Part 3:  Protectable Business Interests

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